Web = public

A very timely reminder that nothing on the web is private. Having just stumbled upon the awstats page for comp.nus, I have just unlocked a whole treasure trove of information. Among the most useful would be the list of 20000+ URLs generating most traffic, would be very interesting to poke in there and see if there is anything nice. Also of interest would be the 404 errors, interesting to see the various attacks carried out against the server as well as stuff that used to be there but isn't anymore. Anyway, the spoils of war include a site with islamic texts and recipes, full source code for a functioning game as well as unknown text files that are 100s of MBs large.

To think that I used to treat it as a personal storage in the past. Storing my lecture notes and tutorials for easy access. Such stuff now resides on a private cloud, away from prying eyes. It does serve as a timely reminder that no matter how obscure you think it is, a link to it probably exists somewhere and someday, someone might just come across it.