Sign with Singpass

Apparently, you can now sign documents with Singpass using any of the digital signing partners. I have compiled the table below with each provider's most basic plan for easier reference with a focus on individual and not corporate usage. The signing certificate used by Singpass is currently not trusted by the default CAs loaded into Windows, so do take that into account as well.

Vendor Price Features
DocuSign SGD 13/month Send up to 5 documents for eSignature monthly
iText Free for non commercial use iText does provide a paid service. More interestingly, they provide a library that is free for non commercial use.
Kofax Unknown Unknown
OneSpan Unknown Unknown
Decodo Unknown Decodo claims to work closely with iText, possibly using same codebase. Also allows you to sign a document without uploading
Netrust Pte Ltd Free According to their website, uploaded documents are purged regularly
Modus Consulting Free till Dec 2023 Their website is According to their privacy policy, they do not collect, use, store or disclose documents. This reminds me of NSA's definition of collection.
Redoc SGD 30/month Seems more targeted to real estate industry.
CrimsonLogic Unknown Unknown
Zoho SGD 30/month Part of Zoho's enterprise plan. Unlimited document signing.

It appears that the service has been designed more for businesses. Some of the companies don't even advertise their service online while others are designed as part of a document workflow system where companies can pay a subscription to the service and upload templates, sending them out to their clients for signing. The clients don't have to pay to use the service.

For individual use, Modus Consulting's website looks dodgy. Their FAQ is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. NeTrust seems to be your best bet. We just have to hope that "regular purging" is regular enough. NeTrust is also a Certificate Authority, that ought to count for something.

For commercial use, iText or Decodo seem to be the best option. They allow for signing without uploading the document to the DSP's server and iText is the reference implementation.

Unfortunately, there isn't a freely available easy to use software that communicates directly with the NDI API to do the signing. The iText library is a good starting point. Unfortunately, the library does not come with the certificate for mTLS connection to NDI API and NDI client ID and secret that is required to connect to the NDI interface. Hence, it is not usable without applying as a DSP yourself.


    logger.config = "C:\\work\\ndi\\conf\\log4j.def.xml"
    #logger.ndiConfig = ${?LOGGER_CONFIG}

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    //ndi.client.secret =

    # modul
    play.modules.enabled += "com.itextpdf.demo.ndi.modules.ApplicationModule"
    play.cache.bindCaches = ["db-cache"]