Running you own home server part 2

As promised, I would cover what services I am currently running on my server and what I use it for.

So the server stats can be accessed here .


Web server - hosts my website, blog and a couple of wordpress sites that I am currently working on and phpmyadmin for quick access to mysql. Advantage of self hosting is that I have full control over which version of PHP, which extensions to enable, caching of pages, virtual hosts and proxy settings and is significantly faster since its on LAN. Most hosting sites give you cPanel access only.


Used to automatically update DDNS server when my IP changes. Used to shutdown my bro's computer when play time is over. Useful for projects to grab data at specific intervals. E.g. grab weather info from NEA every hour and email you when forecast is going to rain.


Essentially a lightweight webserver which broadcasts webcam stream. Set it up some time ago and had the camera pointing at the door. Configured to snap a photo when a certain amount of pixels change. aka motion detected. Something like a security camera. However, taken down as it snapped 170,000+ photos totalling 5GB over the span of 3 weeks. Have to look into the threshold.On a side note, when you try to rm -rf 170,000 items in the same directory, u will get an error about argument list too long. Have to use xargs to pass filename to rm command.


File sharing server so I can mount it as a network drive on Windows 8. Yeah, Im using windows 8. No more Ubuntu for me, linux works best on servers not desktops. Anyway super convenient because uploading a file on my website is now drag and drop in file explorer.Or just create a new text file in the correct folder and it is automatically on the web. Plus those crazily long config files can now be edited via GUI.


Mainly just wanted to play around and see if I can VPN into my home network while outside. Brought it down as no practical use.


Recursive DNS server just in case root DNS servers hacked and entire internet is unreachable.... nah, mainly for faster DNS lookups and to access my domain from LAN (Previously not possible due to loopback, so have to access via IP,which breaks certain website elements that use FQDN).


To sync time since the cubie doesn't have a hardware clock.