Website goes offline for 3 months

On the 6th of Mar, while performing routine maintenance on my server, bash commands suddenly stopped working.

    $ pwd
    -bash: pwd: command not found
    $ ls
    -bash: ls: command not found

At that point in time, apache web server was still running. I took the risk and asked for the server to be rebooted, hoping that it was just some data corruption in the RAM. Unfortunately, the boot process was interrupted and I lost full access to the server until I get back home to Singapore in August.

What happened after that?

15 Mar (T+9 Days) - Google Webmaster Tools sent me an email stating the GoogleBot can't access my site. I am using Google Analytics on my site.
21 Mar (T+15 Days) - Identical email as above
25 Mar (T+19 Days) - Web cache fails for homepage (Could have been earlier, didn't check everyday)
28 Mar (T+22 Days) - Identical email as above
29 Mar (T+23 Days) - Homepage as well as recent posts in past 2 months have been removed from Google Search
7 Apr (T+31 Days) - All 2014 posts gone, most recent posts date back to Aug 2013
19 Apr (T+43 Days) - No change
26 Apr (T+50 Days) - No change
17 May (T+71 Days) - 5 pages remaining. All 5 are tag/archive pages.
5 Jun (T+90 Days) - Obliterated from search results

In 90 days, my entire online legacy was wiped off Google. Was it gone forever? Not quite, it is still archived on sites like It will be interesting to see how long it takes for google to reindex the site once it is back up and running.