Dual booting

Barely one month after getting rid of my Ubuntu/Win 7 dual boot combination, I installed linux on my laptop once again. This time though, its Kali Linux, because using Backtrack in a VM was creating more trouble than it was worth. I guess having a separate OS only for pen testing is workable.

Anyway, I got rid of Ubuntu because of the following reasons.

1) Unstable, for a general use OS I cant have drivers breaking after a regular update. My broken graphic card driver was the last straw.

2) No native support for many programs. Yeah I know there is Wine, but there are just some minor quirks such as silverlight which is used to view webcast lectures not working, and powerpoint presentation mode animation not smooth because it cannot make use of graphic card, plus some weird black shapes when resizing images.

3) I cannot find an ext4 file editor for windows.Plus lots of utilities made only for windows, no linux version.

  1. Shuffling between OSes rather time consuming.

5) An excuse to reformat everything and install windows 8. (My windows 7 installation was collecting quite a lot of garbage, having transferred it over 3 different laptops in the span of around 5 years.Back then, I amassed quite a suite of utilities to do everything from encoding videos to managing shell extensions and didn't want to reinstall everything so I ported the installation around)

Life without linux wasn't so bad since I got cygwin for all my shell commands, swish to mount sftp drives and a lot of other utilities. The only problem with dual booting Kali now would be that it would take a few seconds longer to get to Windows because of grub. Well, i guess its worth it though, to not have the trouble of dealing with bridging connections/emulating hardware/creating virtual bridged interfaces.... You get the idea.