Default printer settings

I have never paid much attention to setting default printer, normally setting it to the most commonly used printer for convenience sake. However, a reason episode made me think twice on whether it is wise.

Recently, while using my hybrid laptop in school, a dialog popped up and disappeared almost immediately. I only managed to catch a glimpse of the word print. Since my default printer was set to the one in school, I pulled up the online print queue and discovered to my horror that I have printed something. After some logical deduction, I found that that most files have a shell extension so you can print directly from explorer. Anyway, because right click on the touchscreen is a long press, I accidentally printed out a batch file.

Fortunately, there was no confidential information within. I shudder to think of the consequences of printing a batch file with passwords on the communal printer in school. To mitigate, I have simply set the default printer to print to pdf. Even though printing requires an extra step, it is safer and helps save on my paper quota.