Continuity plan

Having a good continuity plan is important in case of unexpected incidents. Today, I brought my tablet in for servicing as the touch screen got a little wonky. It started exhibiting "phantom touches" and was bordering on unusable as it would cause foreground applications to go out of focus, unintentional clicks on links and so on. After ruling out driver issues, I concluded that it was likely a hardware issue. Since Acer advertised on the spot repair service, I thought that I could just bring it down, wait a couple of hours for the screen to be changed and return a happy man. Unfortunately, it was not as simple and they claimed to need 5-7 working days to get it fixed.

Oh well, time for continuity plan to kick into action. With all my lecture notes and tutorials on dropbox and all my code safely stored in a private repo on github. I could afford to leave my tablet there and continue work on my old laptop. Just a quick sync with dropbox and pulling the latest updates from my repo, I was able to carry on work as per usual again.