300kb - 300mb

I never cease to be amazed by how small something can be, especially in today's era of 2TB HDDs.

Just few months ago. it was my arch Linux arm distro. Out of the box (OOTB) occupying less than 300mb on my SD card. Makes me wonder what on earth is inside windows 8 which took up a sizable portion of 10gb OOTB. Dont even get me started on the programs, somehow apache, php ,samba, unbound, openvpn and whole lot of other files are smaller than 1 program on windows. Makes you wonder where all the bloat comes from.

Today its anchor CMS whose zip file is less than 300kb. This blog is currently running on it. My jpeg in the previous post is larger than the entire cms. I am no stranger to cms having used WordPress and joomla in the past but this is just unbelievable. It even looks darn good with a minimalist interface that renders beautifully on mobile. Clever use of CSS with only 1 tiny logo.Lightweight cms doesn't do it justice, it should be termed featherweight.

Thinking back, the reason why my arch was so lightweight was also because it was entirely text. No X so no images,perfectly fine for a headless server. A picture is worth a thousand word, it is also a thousand times larger.If only one day svgs could replicate the details in jpg/png....