voce Wordpress Theme

voce Wordpress Theme

voce is a minimal theme, suitable for text heavy articles. The front page features a list of recent posts spread over 2 columns. The category tabs allow readers to filter as per their interest. In line with minimalism, the theme does not support a sidebar, allowing readers to concentrate fully on the article content. Although comments are supported, it is recommended to turn them off to preserve the clutter free look of the theme.

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voce WordPress Theme, Copyright 2017 Benjamin Lim
voce is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.0
License: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

For full copyright notice including third party resources, please refer to the readme.

Bugs or comments?

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- Removed fallback for nav menu. Better no menu than ugly menu.

- Fixed bug in sanitize function not allowing null values

- Escaped home_url()
- Used wordpress search form
- other minor fixes

- content_width has to set as global
- other minor fixes

- Enqueue fonts

- Fixes to be compliant with WP theme team feedback

- Fixes to be compliant with WP theme team feedback

- Fixes to be compliant with WP theme team feedback

- Remove hard coding of script and style files.
- Added Theme prefix for functions, global variables, constants, post meta, etc.
- Used WordPress functionality and features first, if available.
- Used the_posts_pagination().
- Removed favicon code.
- Sanitization and escaping of variables.

- Initial release