SPF Promotion Statistics

Congratulations to all 45,137 recipients of the Singapore Police Bicentennial 2020 medal. The medal is awarded to all SPF officers in service during the year of 2020, including regulars, NSFs, NSmen and VSC officers. It is rare for the rank and names of so many police officers to be published in the Government Gazette, this provides an excellent opportunity to look at the data and gather some conclusions.

Based on the data, the first huge drop-off is at the rank of ASP, I guess a large number of officers leave the service in pursuit of a career change at this point. The next drop-off occurs at the rank of SUPT. This is probably the career ending point for most officers that are not on the scholar track. Interestingly, the number of ACs and SACs are roughly the same. Maybe all ACs will eventually get promoted to SACs after clocking a certain time at that rank.

Rank Count Rank Count
CP 1 SUPT 403
DC 4 DSP 539
SAC 30 ASP 1691
AC 33 INSP 2268
DAC 90 NSI 10

There is a huge number of CPLs. No surprises here, NSFs get promoted to CPL and stay there till ROD. 10 years of NSmen will account for the huge number seen. SSGT, SSI and SSI 2 ranks have been made obsolete in 2016, hence there are less individuals with these ranks. If we take those 3 ranks out of the equation, it appears that SI is probably another career ending point. Without knowing how many INSPs are direct entry, it is hard to tell.

Rank Count Rank Count
SSI 2 127 SGT 1 6310
SSI 170 SGT 380
SI 1840 CPL 12408
SSSGT 2552 SC2 1674
SSGT 1086 SC 1358
SGT3 3024 Trainee SC 1
SGT2 6452 PC 140

Based on their names, it appears that the (P) ranks are Gurkhas. These are their numbers, together with the civilians on the MX scheme. It appears that there is inconsistent reporting and the vast majority as simply reported as Mr instead of their MX grade.

Rank Count Rank Count
CI 22 MX 11 2
SSI 2 (P) 14 MX 12 2
SSI (P) 52 MX 13 (I) 11
SI (P) 62 MX 14 7
SSSGT (P) 97 MX 15 1
SSGT (P) 82 Mr 791
SGT (P) 132

Lastly, we have the volunteer force. There are Honorary ranks as well as Acting ranks. Otherwise, nothing much of interest.

Rank Count Rank Count
DAC (V) 3 SI (V) 64
SUPT (V) 7 SSGT (V) 99
Hon DSP (V) 1 SGT 3 (V) 50
DSP (V) 8 SGT 2 (V) 136
Hon ASP (V) 7 SGT 1 (V) 201
ASP (V) 25 SGT 1 (V) - Trainee 22
Hon INSP (V) 17 CPL (V) 1
INSP (V) 28 SC (V) 155
Acting Insp (V) 8 VC2 171
SSI 2 (V) 1 VC 250

Honorary Mentions

CW 2 Jamaludin Bin Karmani - There is only one person with the CW 2 rank. Chief Warder 2 is a rank under the prison services and not the police force. Maybe he was seconded to SPF during that period.

CPL Muhammad Danial Haris D’cruz Bin Muhammad Ridzwan Abdullah D’cruz - Police officer with the longest name.