Play store feedback

Having released a couple of apps with the most successful one garnering roughly 70 installs so far, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from a user. He was asking for advice on how to achieve an effect through shell script. Even though it is not directly related to my app which provides cron service, I still tried my best to answer his query, leaving a request at the end to please leave some feedback. Sadly, he did not leave any.

I am now at version 3 of the app and have implemented all features that I wish to include in it. It is at this juncture which I realise the importance of feedback. I am willing to release more features but I don't know what to include in my app.

I must admit that I have never left feedback for other apps before, but just the other day, I left my first one. I was surprised at the speed of follow up, within about 3 days, an instructor I suppose, had replied apologising for the shortcomings and that it was a student project from ITE. Within the same day itself, the app was updated.

As the saying goes, be glad that a customer complains, at least he cares enough to do so.