new server!

Recently, my server has been overloaded quite badly (load avg averages at 1.5) due to the amount of services I am running on it. (unbound, cron, lcd, apache, git, motion, mysql, lighttpd, minidlna, samba, deluge, openvpn, owncloud, squid). The torrent daemon and web interface along with streaming 1080p over DLNA is enough to bring the server to its knees. It was high time for an upgrade so I bought a radxa to ease the load.

It is still shipping but I already have plans for when it arrives. I was contemplating on getting an intel atom instead as the x86 architecture has less compatibility issues with most software. Having ready binaries and not having to compile from source helps as well. However, the cost/performance of ARM eventually won me over. For 100USD, I was getting a quad core CPU/2GB ram that had processing power similar to the atom which would cost 300 odd (inclusive of casing/PSU/RAM). The radxa also uses a paltry 10W (peak) compared to the TDP on the atom of around 35W.

The bad points are the lack of expansion capability. The CPU/RAM/NAND are all soldered onto the board and cannot be upgraded. There are no PCIE slots for upgrades. That's fine with me, when its time for an upgrade, I just buy a new one and distribute the load, as I have been doing with my cubie, I'm comfortable managing a cluster of low powered servers.

One good thing is that there are many interesting projects there I can carry out in the near future. With UART/GPIO pins/I2C bus available, it would be possible to attach sensors/outputs. Stay tuned.