Minister leave schedule

With rumours of an upcoming election, I thought this would be a good time to showcase how hard our ministers have been working for us. The table below shows the name of the Minister as well as the dates he/she was on leave. It will be automatically updated when new leave notices are published in the Government Gazette.

I will only be publishing the data, the indisputable facts. It is up to you to decide if x days are too little or too much, and to formulate your own opinion on the issue.

ID Name From (Inclusive) To (Inclusive) Duration (Weekdays)

Astute readers may notice that some of the data appears to be erroneous. I would like to assure them that I take great pride in my work. Consider the fact that the error may have been introduced in the publication process. In such circumstances, the prudent thing to do is to faithfully reproduce the errors. Any assumptions on my part (especially if it turns out to be wrong) may land me in trouble.