Analysis of 300,000 karaoke club members part 1

I chanced upon the dataset of 300,000 members of a karaoke club and thus decided to do a little analysis. Signing up for club membership is done through an online form. The analysis will be largely based on personal attributes of the members. I will be using pie charts as well as bar charts to visualize the results.

Nothing unexpected. From my observation, more females prefer karaoke compared to males. Data agrees with observation.

2 points of interest here. There are a significant portion who claim to be born in 1900, hence accounting for 110+. 1900 is the earliest date that can be selected in the form. There are also a few who claim to be born in 2019. The form only allows birth date up to the current year 2014, not sure how those values got there.

Overwhelming number of singles. If you click on the blue box beside Single, you can filter out the Singles. It appears that even with singles filtered out, Married still makes up a significant portion. Probably due to social norms, there are few divorced, seperated, widowed individuals in Singapore. They might also consider themselves singles due to social stigma.

Large number of accountants since it is the default option on the sign up form. After removing accountants, we have quite a good distribution of all other occupations.

Nothing unexpected.

Continuation of analysis here